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MAXL INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO.LTD is a group company specialized in producing aluminum products.

The head office is located in Liaocheng city, Shangdong Province, China. Group has many Owned enterprises and joint venture enterprises including aluminum profile, aluminum sheet, aluminum composite panel, and aluminum bicycle rim.

Group has the capital of sales 3 billon dollars, annual sales 6 billon dollars, within aluminum profile sales 80,000 tons , aluminum sheet sales 120,000 tons.

The maximum profile extrusion machine is 4500tons ,42 sets extrusion machines as total, in addition, adpoted anodizing, coat equipment and water treatment equipment which is imported from Korea, UK EUROTEC, France SAMES, Japan .

ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certificates are prooved.

Any request will be replied within 24 hours, Local office in Mexico, Columbia and Canada, no language and communication problem, no time difference.

After the continous hard working, MAXL has the market share over 30% in Columbia.


Have you met the problems with your supplier below?

  • No suitable mould  
  • The quantity is too less to produce  
  • High rate in surface scratching
  • Long production time  
  • Damaged in shipping  
  • Language problem
  • Low efficiency because of time difference

Try MAXL, the professional manufacturer of aluminium profiles for South American market, ready to serve you at any time.






2014 Mexico office was set up


Mexico office was set up.

MAXL foucs on the South America market as it's most important market.


2012 MAXL reached the market share of 30% in Columbia


MAXL reached the market share of 30% in Columbia

Canada office was set up.



2010 New factory started to run


New factory was starting to run.

Including 85000 SQM moderm workshop

19000 SQM office building

10000 SQM dorm

3000 SQM train center

3000 SQM dining-hall

5800 SQM comprehensive building



2009 New factory started to build


Comany name changed into Weisid.

128000 SQM new factory start to build.


2008 Set up MAXL


MAXL was set up for exporting all products including aluminium profiles, aluminium sheets, bicycle rims and aluminium composite panel.

Columbia office was set up.

Registed MAXL, Weisid, MINGTAI as its own brand.


2006 Expanded in Aluminium Composite Panel


Adopted Pre-treatment washing lines.

Adopted Coating Lines.

Adopted Composite Lines.

Reached the capacity of 200000 SQM per year.



2003 Expanded in Aluminium Bicycle Rim area


The whole production line of Aluminium Bicycle Rim was adopted begin from cutter.

Automobile hub production line was adopted.



2000 Company entered Aluminium Profile area top 20


20 more extruding lines were adopted.

The capacity reached to 40000 tons per year.



1995 Expanded in Aluminium Sheet area


Expanding the business and production line in aluminium sheet and coil area.



1992 Company was established


Company was established as Fangzheng Aluminium Industrial Co.,Ltd

Company Adopted Anodizing Lines, Extrusion Lines and Powder Coating Lines.




Service process:


1. Before selling ---Technological service.

Offers perfect technological consultation to customer.
Choose most suitable products for customer. Supply basic of produce plan according to customer’s requirement , offer the basic general knowledge consultation of the products. People without experience offer technological consultation to those ones that want to start a new undertaking. Find best convenience way of payment terms.


2. Service on sale.
Offer production progress inquiry. Delivery in time according to customer’s requirement, meantime guarantee products high quality. Offer basic information of international trade processing. Help customer to get the cargo in time.


3. After-sale service.
Round-the-clock service, it is good and easy to operate in 24 hours of customer's product to guarantee. (receive a workday after the fax, do not exceed two work days to send at the latest)

Any problem with the product we can have the agent in your country done after-sales service for you, otherwise, pay a return visit  fare, we set off our engineer to you .


We work by heart.



Our Team

Sales Team 

We are not your typical Chinese Aluminium profile manufacturer.

Our highly dedicated sales staff has never shied away from going

that extra mile to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.

We treat our customers with the same loyalty and devotion,

no matter the size of their business or industry.



 Quality Team:

  •  Quality inspection from raw material to production, and delilvery.

  •  Professional quality control person, to avoid the unqualified products  flowing to customer.

  •  Strict inspection to Raw material,  production, and delivery.

  •  Full series of equipments in quality laboratory.

  •  Follow ISO 9001:2008 system strictly.

  •  Continuous improvement, seeking higher quality level.



R&D Team:

• 32 Members 4% of annual sales for R&D

• Team: Establish an efficient and able expertise team.

• Products : Combination with practical and aesthetic, technology and art.

• Patent : Emphasize authentication for international invention design,

  deeply developing international market.




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